Globalization: Winning Worldwide —Crystal Island Leading Enterprise Overseas Investment Experience Sharing Conference Concludes Successfully

Globalization: Winning Worldwide —Crystal Island Leading Enterprise Overseas Investment Experience Sharing Conference Concludes Successfully

On June 7, 2024, the "Globalization: Leading Enterprises Sharing Overseas Investment Experiences" conference, a gathering of wisdom and experience, was grandly held at Guangdong Crystal Island Healthwise Co., Ltd. This event was jointly organized by the Economic Promotion Bureau of Nanhai District, Foshan City, and the Government of Lishui Town. Industry experts, financial institutions, and leaders of prominent enterprises were invited to share and exchange insights. The aim was to strengthen the integration of global resources for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand internationally, providing them with valuable experiences and strategic guidance.

The event was well-attended, featuring distinguished guests such as Tang Weilin, Head of the Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Section of the Foshan Bureau of Commerce; Liang Guixiong, Party Member of the Nanhai District Economic Promotion Bureau and President of the Nanhai District CCPIT; and Zhou Ke, Member of the Lishui Town Party Committee, who provided valuable guidance. The event also attracted business leaders from within Nanhai District who are interested in overseas investment.

At the conference, Professor Chen Dingding from the School of International Relations at Jinan University, who is also a Ph.D. advisor, delivered an in-depth analysis titled "Global Macro Political and Economic Trends and New Market Opportunities in the Middle East." With his profound academic expertise and rich practical experience, he examined the opportunities and challenges in the context of a changing global landscape.

Following that, the Foshan Bureau of Commerce provided a comprehensive briefing on "Overseas Investment Operations and Policies," offering clear policy guidelines and business advice for enterprises investing abroad. Li Rui from China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation's Guangdong Branch shared valuable insights on "Using Policy Resources to Safeguard Overseas Investment Risks," offering practical advice on risk avoidance and interest protection for companies investing overseas. Additionally, Zhang Chengli, General Manager of the Guangdong Division of ZhongAnBo International Risk Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., explored the topic "The Importance and Current Status of International Security" from an international security perspective, providing strategies to ensure safe and stable operations for enterprises abroad.

As the host of this event, Mr. Ken, Chairman of Guangdong Crystal Island Healthwise Co., Ltd., shared valuable insights on the company's globalization experience with the attendees. Drawing from practical cases, he provided an in-depth analysis of how the company has expanded its market overseas in the new stage of globalization. This was achieved through innovative approaches such as establishing global new retail models, creating digital demonstration factories, developing green factories, pursuing ESG sustainable development, and focusing on core technological breakthroughs. Chairman Ken emphasized that for enterprises to succeed in "going global," they must possess three key elements: talent with international thinking and capabilities, products that align with the values of international customers, and a unified global digital management platform. These elements are crucial for competing at the forefront of the international market.

"As a leading enterprise, we are eager to engage in in-depth discussions and share our experiences with other companies in the supply chain," Chairman Ken stated. He believes that achieving global digitalization is not an easy task and hopes to build a broader platform for mutual exchange and learning with other enterprises. This, he hopes, will help cultivate and enhance new productive capacities in Nanhai.

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