Quality of life

comes from lifestyle choices
Brand Story

The journey began with the founders of Crystal Island, Mr. He and Mr. Tan, gaining insights into emerging industry prospects while visiting private heated swimming pools abroad. Upon returning home, they decided to pursue a high-end differentiation strategy and focus on the unexplored market of domestic high-end hot tubs and spas.

Since its establishment in 2008, Crystal Island has been dedicated to satisfying the need for a spa-inspired and health-conscious lifestyle. The organisation is technologically advanced and committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of intelligent spa and swimming equipment, outdoor leisure products, water circulation systems, and health facilities.

Our portfolio includes various brands such as Crystal Island, Riptide, Oasis, BETA-Wellness, and others. Currently, we operate a 100-acre digital manufacturing factory in China, along with over ten subsidiaries, research and development centres, and marketing centres worldwide. Our operations span across more than seventy countries and regions.

Development History