A Whole New World For Spa Users
Traditional Control Systems
Old controls with long waiting times

The mode can only be selected on the control screen, and there is a significant waiting period for it to function each time.

Slow troubleshooting and outdated functions

When a product breaks down, the repair process is time-consuming. Similarly, when a product undergoes updates, is it necessary for customers to purchase the most recent model each time in order to access the latest functionalities?

SPATECH 4th Generation Control System

The WIFI function of each product is free of charge, without additional cost, the product can be controlled remotely and set up in advanced.

Touch Screen

The whole series of products are touch screen, which are more fashionable and advanced.

Power-saving Mode

Installing a heat pump, combined with off peak electricity and the standard "power-saving mode",is cheaper.

Quick Diagnosis of Faults

The system backend supports fast fault diagnosis, which can improve the efficiency of fault management.

Upgrade for New Features

After the system is upgraded, there is no need to replace the hardware, and the software upgrade can enjoy the latest features.