Open Job List
Senior chemical engineer

1. Responsible for the process management and process quality management of the FRP product production line.
2. Research, promote and introduce the application of new fiberglass materials and new processes.
3. Responsible for the preparation of process documents, establishment of product standards, and establishment of process quality standards for the FRP manufacturing process.
4. Responsible for the process and quality standard training of employees in various positions in glass tanks.

Mechanical R&D Supervisor

1. Responsible for the organization and follow-up of the entire process of new product project (product-related new technology research) development.
2. Make project progress and demand plans, and be responsible for all follow-up and coordination work from product development to production and release.
3. Track and control project progress, scope and quality to ensure stable operation of the project.
4. Carry out reasonable planning for project work, control project progress, changes, and costs, and summarize the project process.

Digital Marketing

1. Prepare regular content for all digital marketing channels, including English and Chinese.
2. Maintain the company's website in cooperation with the designer, prepare regular and promotional content in Chinese and English, and update it weekly to ensure that the company's profile is up-to-date on all channels and platforms.
3. Maintain social media channels, including WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, Zhihu, Red, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., formulate weekly promotion plans, and be responsible for fan acquisition and participation on all platforms.
4. Prepare weekly, monthly, and annual reports for results tracking across all digital channels/campaigns.
5. Prepare a monthly video shooting schedule and assist in regular print and marketing video production and photo shooting.
6. Translate content for regular online publications.
7. Provide support to other team members when necessary.

General Ledger Accounting

1) Responsible for reviewing accounting vouchers: including income, costs, expenses, taxes, transactions and other data accuracy;
2) Responsible for the monthly settlement of the financial accounting system, the preparation of accounting statements, budget implementation and financial analysis reports, the analysis of financial data, and the making of suggestions;
3) Participate in the quarterly inventory work, and issue an inventory profit and loss analysis report;
4) Responsible for the management of fixed assets card and sub-ledger to ensure that the accounts are consistent;
5) Responsible for the company's high-tech R&D special accounting;
6) Responsible for reviewing a series of tax work such as tax declaration and final settlement, and doing a good job in tax planning;
7) Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

New media operations

1. Responsible for the promotion and operation of foreign short video platforms such as TikTok, Douyin, Channels, Kuaishou, etc.;
2. According to product strategy and industry attributes, excavate and analyze user needs, plan and output video content, and present visual creativity;
3. Independently complete the whole production process of the entire video such as video topic selection planning, script writing, shooting, editing, etc.;
4. Pay attention to the reaction of fans, maintain interaction with fans, and improve account activity and communication efficiency;
5. Control the content and rhythm of the video, have a sense of network, grasp hot spots, and have your own opinions;
6. Other temporary arrangements with the leader.

Process Engineer

1) Development of tooling and fixtures;
2) New process development and trial production;
3) Major production process improvements;
4) Feasibility review of new product production process;
6) Analysis and solution of major quality problems and batch quality problems;
7) Product structure optimization;
8) Optimization plan and improvement measures of the production process to improve the efficiency of production work;