A Sustainable Future for Enterprises

A Sustainable Future for Enterprises
Establishing a Green Society

Our company focuses on optimising production processes, advocating for sustainable manufacturing methods, implementing resource recycling, and adopting efficient operational practices such as digitisation and paperless operations. These measures effectively minimise our negative ecological impact, protect natural resources, and foster sustainable development.

Embracing Social Responsibility

Our products adhere to CEC energy efficiency and ISO 14001 standards to ensure energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and uphold safety. With ISO 9000 certification, we maintain product quality and protect consumer rights. Additionally, we offer employee benefits such as talent apartments, crystal parks, sports fields, fitness centres, cinemas, and shared spaces. We prioritise employee salaries, health, and safety, promoting human capital management, equal opportunities, and positive labour relations.

Enhancing Governance Framework

The company has established an efficient and stable governance mechanism consisting of the Shareholders' Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the Supervisory Board, each playing an indispensable role. The executive team implements decisions of the Board of Directors, responsible for daily decision-making and operational management, supervising the external environment, and ensuring the reasonable allocation and efficient utilization of resources. The company also has a dedicated internal audit and inspection department to strengthen internal controls, transparency, and accountability, ensuring sound decision-making.