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Specialzing in Spa and Wellness Industry

We are dedicated to developing, producing, selling, and servicing a complete range of spa and wellness equipment to advance the industry. We have fully embraced digitalization and green production, which has enhanced production efficiency while reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. Additionally, we are constructing a new digital retail platform to establish an efficient business value chain and deliver value to our customers. We collaborate closely with our partners to promote the spa and wellness industry and contribute to a healthier life for all.


With digital as our core competency, we designed the factory with 3D visual digital twin technology. It has implemented digitisation, intelligence, and automation in production, research and development, marketing, office, management, and service, among other areas.

Green Production

Our primary objective is to prioritise sustainable development and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes by utilising digital technologies and green technology. This includes reducing energy consumption, minimising pollution emissions, enhancing resource usage efficiency, and establishing an efficient, green, circular, and low-carbon system.

Building a Global New Retail Standard

We focus deeply on customer needs and use innovation as our driving force. We employ a strategy of "proprietary brand + digital marketing + direct access to user stores" to create the Crystal Island Global New Retail Platform carefully. Utilising our technological and data advantages, we connect people, products, and locations seamlessly, breaking geographical and time barriers for online and offline shopping integration. We actively respond to diverse market demands, promoting global product circulation and efficient matching. Moreover, we enhance digital technology applications, unify global strategies, and operate intelligently to ensure real-time data visualization throughout the entire process, offering users more precise and convenient services.

Establishing a Superior Business Value Chain

Developing and operating an exceptional business value chain at Crystal Island is vital for achieving sustainable growth, enhancing competitiveness, and boosting profitability. From sourcing raw materials and manufacturing processes to digital marketing and global services, we ensure efficient coordination through precise management and technological innovation, continually enhancing overall operational efficiency. Through this operational model, we provide high-quality, short lead-time, and cost-effective products and services to global customers, striving to comprehensively meet their needs and maximise commercial value.