Drive the future with digitalisation

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Digital Production

Utilising rail guided vehicle (RGV), FANUC robots, and AI visual inspection robots has facilitated the realisation of digital, automated, and intelligent production. The integration of the visual digital production system, global shared ERP, internet of things (IoT), and radio-frequency identification (RFID) enables us to effectively monitor and track the entire manufacturing process in real-time. This comprehensive oversight ensures high quality and efficiency while also reducing costs.

Digital R&D

The finite element stress analysis system aids in optimising the rationality, safety, development time, cost, and performance of product design. Computer-aided design (CAD), PROE, CATIA, and UGNX expedite the product development process. The integration of K3 cloud and PLM allows for product lifecycle management and fulfils the requirements of data refinement management.

Digital Marketing

Our customised Hubspot CRM and sales data cloud platform facilitates sales trend analysis, lead generation, and transaction management. It efficiently captures and organises customer information and behaviour, allowing for the creation of a 360° customer profiles. Additionally, it leverages AI technology to analyse sales and customer data, enabling effective digital marketing strategies.

Digital Operation

In order to achieve the digitisation, networking, and intelligence of documents, information, and data, as well as to increase communication efficiency and optimise business operations, we employ technologies including the Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile Applications. This facilitates remote work and collaboration and increases the effectiveness of teamwork.