Crystal Island makes it easy for you to start your spa journey at home

Crystal Island makes it easy for you to start your spa journey at home

Summer is hot and irritating.The noisy city and the impetuous heart sea make people hope to have such a pleasant place, which can relieve and relax all the tired.

Crystal Island launched such a unique product - spa massage equipment.

Precise massage to relieve fatigue

Crystal Island's spa is equipped with patented ultra-thin massage jets, which are designed for skin  comfort beyond your imagination.With its high-powered massage pump, you can freely adjust the intensity, and the powerful water flow allows you to immerse yourself in a soothing spa treatment.Surprisingly, Crystal Island's self-developed precision body massage layout, Point Map, can target joints, muscles, acupuncture points and other parts of the massage, thereby relieving pain, improving arthritis and other problems, promoting local and even whole-body blood circulation, improving the body's immunity and resistance to disease, and achieving the purpose of health care.

With this precise massage system, Crystal Island's spa is able to deliver a soothing touch that will loosen your tense muscles, soothe your brow, and leave your whole body relaxed and happy to enjoy a moment of laziness.

Sterilization and disinfection, healthy and environmental protection

Protected by Crystal Island's meticulously developed high-efficiency antibacterial filtration system, it continuously purifies and cleans the water, effectively removes bacteria from the spa pool, and guarantees hygienic and safe conditions every time it is used.Importantly, users can replace water only once every 2 to 3 months, while the water quality is in full compliance with hygiene standards, which can greatly reduce resource consumption and environmental impact.

In order to meet the different needs of users, Crystal Island is designed to sit and lie down, you can choose freely according to your own preferences.Crystal Island'SPA can provide food-grade water ,so that you can enjoy the healthful pleasures from the spa with your family and close friends!

Energy saving and heat locking to enhance the experience

We don't have to worry about the water temperature in the cold winter. Crystal Island designed the Thermo Lock system with Mildew Zero anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant thermal cover, which locks in heat for a long time and effectively reduces energy consumption, realizing energy-saving efficiency. At a minimal cost, you can enjoy an unparalleled spa experience and rejuvenate your body and mind without worry.

Intelligent control, flexible customization

Whether it's a busy weekday or a relaxing weekend, you can book an appointment on your In Touch cell phone according to your schedule and needs, and enjoy it anytime without waiting. Through the mobile app or smart device, you can easily control the temperature, water flow intensity and massage area, entertainment music and other parameters, this flexibility allows you to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the SPA at home anytime, anywhere, for complete physical and mental recovery.

Crystal Island's self-developed Spatech Intelligent Control System encompasses all the functional systems of the SPA. Its full-viewing angle, highly sensitive, long-lasting capacitive touch spa control panel is easy to operate, making human-computer interaction more convenient and your SPA customization easier.

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