Crystal Island awarded "Quality Management Maturity Level 3A Enterprise"

Crystal Island awarded "Quality Management Maturity Level 3A Enterprise"

Crystal Island has been honored with the title of "3A-level Enterprise in Quality Management Maturity" in Foshan City for 2023. This recognition came after a rigorous selection process involving application, review, examination, and on-site evaluation. Crystal Island stood out among many enterprises in the Nanhai District, becoming one of the final 15 listed companies.

Recently, leaders from the Foshan Market Supervision Bureau visited Crystal Island for a plaque awarding ceremony, celebrating the company's achievements in quality management. This award signifies high social recognition for Crystal Island and underscores its leading position in the intelligent hydrotherapy and health industry.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, and sales of intelligent hydrotherapy, swim spa equipment, outdoor leisure products, water circulation equipment, and health facilities, Crystal Island has leveraged digital technology to enhance product quality. The introduction of RGV, FANUC robots, and AI vision inspection robots has enabled automation and intelligence in production, ensuring precision and efficiency. With visualized digital production systems, globally shared ERP systems, IoT, and RFID technology, Crystal Island tracks and monitors the entire production process in real-time, identifying and addressing issues promptly to improve product quality. This system enhances production efficiency and accuracy while strengthening the transparency and traceability of quality management.

Through these innovative technologies, Crystal Island has earned wide acclaim in the global market, driving product quality improvement and sustainable development.

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