Easy Life Swim Spa

Free & Comfortable Swimming Experience

With a width of 2.35 meters and a bezel thickness of only 12 cm, the pool achieves an ultra-thin visual effect. This design not only provides swimmers with a more spacious swimming area, but also ensures that swimmers can enjoy a free and comfortable experience when competing or performing underwater aerobics.

1.45m Ultra-Deep Swimming Area

Its depth far exceeds conventional standards, creating a more realistic and challenging swimming environment for swimmers. This design not only significantly enhances the fun of swimming but also satisfies the needs of those seeking high-intensity workouts, allowing every swimmer to find their own limits in the challenge.

Swim at Your Own Pace

The Quickwater Professional Swim Training System, featuring a 10-stage adjustable-speed swim pump, delivers a strong and smooth continuous flow of water for exercise and swimming, enabling you to easily find the perfect speed for your needs!

Power Precision Massage

Point map massage jet layout and scientific seat arrangement, utilising high-power massage pumps to release strong power, the water flow accurately stimulates muscle points and promotes blood circulation, allowing for quick rejuvenation in the spa.

Enjoy Water Sports

When exercising in the water, the use of swimming accessories such as athletic handrails and swimming poles can improve stability and comfort, helping you to better enjoy your swimming and spa experience and enhance your athletic skills and strength.

Insulation and Heat Lock System

The multi-layer insulation and heat locking layer enhance the insulation performance of the equipment, prevent heat loss, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs by up to 26%.

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