Aqua Life Swim Spa

Make Swimming Easier

The positioning of the swimming line is precise and clear, providing swimmers with an accurate positional reference. This design enables swimmers to move more freely and in a standardised manner in the water, effectively preventing deviation, greatly enhancing the safety of the swimming process, and allows swimmers to fully enjoy the pleasant experience of swimming.

Swim Against the Current

A patented 3-inch power flow swim jet featuring a honeycomb design guarantees water flow that is both level and devoid of swirls. You may easily swim against the stream and have an unforgettable swimming experience due to the precise placement of the jets, which generate maximum resistance.

Personalised Massage

Different jet configurations on each seat to meet individual massage needs. Full body massage recliners combined with accu-pressure jets precisely target pressure points on the back and lower neck for rapid relaxation of the entire body.

Plenary Sensory Water Movement

Hydrotofloating is up to three times more effective than exercising on land, and it also decreases stress on joints, so it's a safe way to get in fitness. It will introduce you to a world of water sports like paddleboarding, surfing, water pulling, and a lot more.

Enjoy the Pure Spa

Adopting high efficiency antibacterial filtration technology to effectively eliminate bacteria in the water; using NSF food-grade hoses to ensure safe and clean water; energy-saving pumps, so you can enjoy the spa at ease.

Choosing Your Perfect Swim Spa
Aqua Life 350
Aqua Life 390
Aqua Life 440
Aqua Life 550
Aqua Life 600
Aqua Life 600M