Atlantis Pool

Extra Deep Swimming Area

The swimming pool boasts an extraordinary depth of 1.45 meters, far surpassing conventional standards, to provide you with a safe yet exhilarating swimming environment. This remarkable depth allows you to indulge in the joy of swimming while also discovering boundless excitement through exploration, ensuring each swim is infused with limitless vitality and vigor.

Simple, Free and Cosy

The design of the steps is straightforward, and the swimming area may be expanded to provide you with greater flexibility. Entry and exit are made safer and more convenient for maximum comfort with the wider stairs.

The Professional Swimming Training System

Unlike traditional, our swim spas feature precisely positioned power-flow swim jets, an intelligent swim control system, and a 10-speed swim pump that provides a strong, smooth, continuous flow of water for exercise and swimming.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

The main function operations, including safety protection, heat pump mode control, preset mode selection, and system maintenance, can be executed anytime and anywhere through water-based interaction between humans and machines and cell phone remote control. You can enjoy a safe, convenient, energy-saving, and customised experience.

Energy-saving Insulation System

The multi-layer insulation system significantly reduces heat loss and enhances energy efficiency, saving up to 26% energy compared to conventional methods and providing a spa comfort experience around the clock.

Purity Guardian

A more eco-friendly and healthier water purification experience can be accomplished with this highly effective blue-core antibacterial filtration system, which employs professional filtration technology and antibacterial means of killing toxic substances to successfully remove bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants in the water.

Atlantis 440
Atlantis 600
Atlantis 700