Independent Swimming System

A breakthrough independent swimming system that requires no installation of water pumps and pipelines. In addition to being suitable for our pool products, it can also be easily retrofitted into other traditional concrete pools, providing unparalleled convenience for users.

Comfortable Swimming Experience

The patented design of the swimming machine ensures even and stable water flow through its wide outlet, preventing swimming drift. Additionally, the variable-frequency counter-current system offers 10 speed settings, allowing swimmers of all levels to find their ideal swimming pace and enjoy an infinite swimming experience in limited space, without the need for flipping.

Efficient Control System

The intuitive and user-friendly smart touchscreen control panel, coupled with built-in WiFi, allows comprehensive control of the swimming system via a mobile app from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, adjustable temperature settings and the heat-lock function ensure that the whole family can enjoy swimming pleasures throughout the year, regardless of the season.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

Installation can be completed in just "4 simple steps," without the need for complex concrete walls and shafts. This simple and quick process effectively saves both installation time and overall costs (including building and labour costs). The unique design of the maintenance hatch places all electrical components within a waterproof cover near the top. This layout enables maintenance personnel to perform disassembly and inspection operations directly above the maintenance hatch without entering cramped spaces, thus enhancing the convenience of maintenance and upkeep.

Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly

Utilising advanced ozone disinfection technology and Blue Core antibacterial filtration technology, there is no need for frequent water replacement, ensuring pure water quality while significantly reducing the use of chemicals, thus lowering operational costs. With an energy-efficient full foam insulation system that meets CEC energy efficiency standards, thermal efficiency is enhanced, resulting in lower operational and maintenance costs.

Effortless Space Saving

Utilising a fully inground design, it can perfectly replace traditional swimming pools, boasting excellent space utilisation capabilities. With a minimum requirement of only 6.0m x 2.35m of space for installation, it significantly optimises the layout of courtyard space, making pool maintenance and management easier and more convenient.