Chill Beyond Limits

Dive into 0℃
Awaken your inner fire with a one-of-a-kind ice bath experience!
A Guide to Radiant Wellness

Ice therapy increases blood circulation, improves oxygen supply, reduces inflammation and muscle soreness, and accelerates recovery from exercise. It also boosts immunity, prevents colds and flu, improves metabolism, and increases calorie burn. Additionally, ice therapy enhances skin health, leading to firmer and more radiant skin.

Power-up Your Day

Ice therapy improves sleep quality and enhances a sense of well-being by reducing stress and releasing endorphins and melatonin. It also stimulates the central nervous system, increasing vitality, eliminating fatigue, and improving concentration and mental sharpness. Additionally, ice therapy enhances mental strength and builds resilience, helping individuals deal with challenges calmly.

Cooling Pro

The ice bath can reach temperatures as low as 0°C and features an automatic ice-making function, eliminating the need for human intervention. The precise temperature control system, combined with a 360° cooling zone, ensures long-lasting and even cooling.

Energy Saving

The combination of full foaming insulation parts and pure stainless steel creates excellent insulation performance, significantly reducing energy consumption and costs during the continuous operation of the Ice Therapy Rehab. Additionally, the stainless steel insulation cover effectively locks in the low temperature inside the spa, greatly reducing energy loss and ensuring an efficient cooling effect.

Crystal Clear Water

The ice bath utilizes a highly efficient ozone sterilization and circulation filtration system to eliminate bacteria and filter out impurities. This reduces the need for complex maintenance and keeps the water crystal clear, creating a safe and clean environment at all times.

In Love With Details

The product's design is meticulously crafted, with every detail well thought out. When the water level reaches the upper limit, our unique built-in water holes design can quickly discharge excess water, effectively preventing overflow and ensuring a clean and safe environment for use.

Precautionary Note
Before starting ice baths, you should speak to a doctor, especially if you have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or chronic respiratory disease. Ice bath may not be suitable if you have certain pre-existing medical conditions, and it is important to avoid health risks and ensure the practice is safe for you. If you are pregnant or have other health concerns, also seek medical advice before beginning ice baths. Your health and safety comes first.