Commercial SPA

Efficient Ozone System

Eco-friendly ozone disinfection, reducing the use of chemicals, ensuring water quality balance and cleanliness, making water purification effortless.

Powerful Hydrotherapy Jets

Boost your hydrotherapy experience with our advanced massage pumps. Delivering a powerful yet soothing hydrotherapy experience via an array of adjustable stainless steel jets.

Integrated Wifi

Integrated WiFi gives you full control of your spa via a convenient smartphone app, whether you're at home or away.

Water Level Controlled Automatically

The Riverflow includes a distinctive weir encircling the top surface of the hot tub, enabling excess water to be stored in a water tank during high occupancy. Once occupants exit the hot tub, the excess water is then returned to the hot tub.

(Only for Riverflow)

400W Preheated Airjet Massage System

In addition to powerful hydro jets, Riverflow hot tubs also include a soothing, preheated air bubble massage system.
(Only for Riverflow)

Sand Filter

Efficient sand filtration system guarantee the utmost cleanliness and safety of your spa water.
(Only for Riverflow)