U.S. Expo Wraps Up, Crystal Island Shines Bright

U.S. Expo Wraps Up, Crystal Island Shines Bright

In Las Vegas, the three-day U.S. Pool and Spa Expo concluded on November 15th. Crystal Island, with abundant gains, is sharing the exciting highlights with everyone from this grand event. 

The U.S. Las Vegas Pool and Spa Expo, hailed as the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of pool, spa, and backyard garden equipment in North America, not only hosted a series of seminars, lectures, and expert speeches but also included a comprehensive exploration of industry trends, best practices, and technological innovations.

Crystal Island made its North American debut after the "COVID-19 pandemic" at the Las Vegas Pool and Spa Expo. This exhibition showcased Crystal Island's latest 2024 models and new technologies, drawing attention with excellent performance, unique design, and cutting-edge tech. Crystal Island's wellness spa equipment caught the eyes of many, receiving high praise from both industry professionals and end consumers, and getting several potential orders. The booth attracted a steady flow of visitors who showed strong interest in Riptide's products, actively engaging in discussions with the on-site staff. 

We also collected valuable suggestions and feedback, helping Crystal Island enhance its products and services. Additionally, this feedback has opened avenues for potential partnerships and new market opportunities.

While the U.S. exhibition has come to a close, the excitement of Crystal Island continues. We look forward to sharing more wonderful moments with you at the Spain International Pool, Sauna, and Spa Exhibition on November 27th! 

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