SPATEX 2024: A successful start to the international exhibition season

SPATEX 2024: A successful start to the international exhibition season

The 28th SPATEX 2024, the first international swimming pool and spa exhibition of the year, recently concluded in the UK. The event was a huge success, showcasing the latest trends and innovations from global brands.

SPATEX 2024 attracted brands and industry giants from over 15 countries, making it the largest water leisure exhibition ever held in the UK. Over 50% of the exhibits featured at the event were either new for 2024 or debuted for the first time, establishing SPATEX as a crucial platform for the global launch of spa innovations.

Sunbeach from Crystal Island is proud to present the new Oasis Spas and Riptide Swim Spas series products. The Riptide variable speed swim spa, with its 10-speed settings, impressed with its on-site performance demonstrating low energy and power consumption, earning it the accolade of the most energy-efficient brand in the UK. The innovative application of the Thermo Lock high-efficiency insulation locking system enabled all Crystal Island products to pass the rigorous American CEC energy efficiency certification, showcasing Crystal Island's remarkable technological innovation and attracting the attention of numerous professional attendees. Crystal Island successfully negotiated deals for over 30 spas and swim spas and reached cooperation agreements with 40-50 prospective dealers.

As a company focused on wellness, Crystal Island pays close attention to cardiovascular health issues. Not only did they raise funds for the British Heart Foundation, but they also conducted spa swimming demonstration activities on-site during the exhibition to actively support the "Swim to the Beat" initiative during "Heart Month". The live demonstrations showcased the health benefits of swimming, raising awareness of heart health and the work of the British Heart Foundation.

With the successful conclusion of SPATEX 2024, Crystal Island will continue to strengthen its cooperation with international partners, jointly composing a beautiful chapter of mutual benefit and development, adding brilliance and effort to the wellness industry.

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