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Children's Organ Transplant Association
COTA is the company helping me raise the money to get my bone marrow transplant.

Find out more about MPS!
This link will tell you more about me and help you understand why I need a bone marrow transplant.

How to become a bone marrow donor
This is an important link that will tell you how you can help people like me who need bone marrow.

This link will give you all the latest news with COTA, the nice people helping me out.

Carolina's Cord Blood Bank
This link will tell you about a treatment alternative for bone marrow that could save lives.

Pray without ceasing - 1Thessalonians 5:17

Sumtimes grownups can be pretty silly peeples!

Take, for instance, my daddy. He's a pretty decent guy, but he sure can be dumb sumtimes. For more than a year now, he keeps findin' new kids like me to pray for. Then, he loses their names and has to go back to e-mails to find 'em all.

Well, a few days ago, I set Daddy strate. "Daddy," I said, "We got this great new 'vention called the 'web page.' Why not make a prayer list on my site so you always know where to go.

Then, maybe everyone can see what's happenin' and who needs prayin' for."

"Wow," Daddy says. "That's a great idea Loren. I wonder why I didn't think of that sooner. No matter, at least I'm thinkin' of it now.

Think I'll get started tonite."

The sad part is, Daddy really thinks he's the one who had the idea. I guess babies are like mommies - they come up with all the great ideas and Daddies take all the credit. Anyway, here's my prayer list:

  1. Isaac
  2. Raef
  3. Alania Alfaro
  4. Traci & Ben Bales
  5. Molly BirminghamMolly Birmingham
  6. Taylor Blair
  7. Tommy Burnette
  8. Chase Dickerson
  9. Rachel Dodson
  10. Hanna & Cassidy Gosey
  11. Mike Graff
  12. Spencer, Laynie and Maddie Holland
  13. Sydnee Jensen
  14. Jordana Kilgour
  15. Jerry Klemm
  16. Lucas Knies
  17. Holly Legendre
  18. Alex Martini
  19. Rocky & Heather Moore
  20. Julia Moran
  21. Martha McClelland
  22. Romie Perkins
  23. Stuart & Susan Reeks (Mother and Step-father of Cory Hiers)
  24. Regan Richardson
  25. Jenna Richbourg
  26. Tommy Ries
  27. Katherine & Jimmy Smith (son was Dylan)
  28. Amanda Sterrat
  29. Daria Ward
  30. Jenna Watson
  31. Lorna Westberg
  32. Susannah White
  33. Jaxon Wiederholt's Family
  34. Alexis Wiggins
  35. Maddy Wigglesworth
  36. Alyssa Williams
  37. Cameron Winn
  38. Jack Witte's Family

I took Sarah Taylor off the list. Her operashun was successful and she's doin' great. She's even doin' better than they thawt she wud. Prais God!!!!!!!!!

You guys who seen my prayer list before know it got kinda long. Cents I like to think of myslef as a considerate kid, I thawt it mite be nice to fix it so ya didn't have ta work so hard to find out 'bout sumone. That is, find out as much as I know, which isn't much sumtimes. So, I decided to make the list on this page and let ya find the stuff 'bout the peeples sumwhere else.

I hope ya like the new way I'm doin' it.

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