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Children's Organ Transplant Association
COTA is the company helping me raise the money to get my bone marrow transplant.

Find out more about MPS!
This link will tell you more about me and help you understand why I need a bone marrow transplant.

How to become a bone marrow donor
This is an important link that will tell you how you can help people like me who need bone marrow.

This link will give you all the latest news with COTA, the nice people helping me out.

Carolina's Cord Blood Bank
This link will tell you about a treatment alternative for bone marrow that could save lives.

Hi! These are sum piktures Daddy took during my before and during my transperson. They're kinda old now, but the kid in the piktures is awful gud lookin', don't ya think?

If ya click on GVHD, ya can see what really bad GVHD looks like. The doctor took piktures of it 'cause it was real bad.


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